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Fear of not reaching your full potential with Freddie Fox

In episode 4 of Fear Itself, the podcast OTO sponsor about our relationship to fear, Cressida is joined by Freddie Fox, who she recently worked with on the ITV drama White House Farm.

Freddie has been working in film, television & theatre for over 10 years and is part of a famed acting family, descended from actor & theatrical agent Robin Fox, and counts actors Emilia, Lawrence & Jack Fox among his siblings & cousins. He recently directed his short film Hero which resulted in him winning the Directorial Discovery Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and later this year he will be playing Mark Thatcher in series 4 of The Crown.

With such success at his young age, Cressida was curious that his fear is not reaching his full potential - is this fear consistent no matter how much success he has?


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