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About OTO

Everything we do starts with a purpose. Then we add deep insight and a desire to rebalance ourselves (and the world).

We aim to provide only the most effective and luxurious experience every. single. time. So all OTO products are rigorously researched, designed, and tested. All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, naturally derived and vegan and cruelty-free to create premium products that actually work. In a world of chaos, let OTO help you embrace the moments of calm.


CBD Changed My Life

I first discovered CBD when I was working in the high-stress, fast-paced fashion industry. I had always suffered with anxiety, which in turn badly affected my sleep and wellbeing. One day, a friend recommended I try CBD and quite honestly, I’ve never looked back.

But I was deeply disappointed with the options out there. Not only were the levels of CBD in products ineffective but they were really unpleasant to use. The market was missing enjoyable CBD products that actually worked. I wanted to design products that people would love using and would become part of their everyday lives in a meaningful way. And that’s why I decided to launch OTO, to help people discover the power of CBD.

Take care,
Gemma x
Founder, OTO

Translating to 'Sound' in Japanese, OTO leverages the emphasis of the relationship between sound and silence. Each needs and responds to the other to create balance, meaning, harmony and cohesion. OTO exists to help you ‘Amplify the Silence’ so that you can FIND YOUR SPACE.

The Space Between Sound & Silence

You can almost hear it.
The deafening sigh of relief.
The space in time when there is no distraction.
When there is space to focus.
A space just for us.

Silence brings with it a notion of importance.
It allows you to breathe.
It brings resonance with emotions,thoughts and the soul.

Silence is a profound experience.
A true luxury of today.
It is about getting inside what you are, and what you are doing.
Experiencing rather than over-thinking.
Allowing each moment to be exactly what it is.

The silence around us, and the silence within us, gives us new energy.
As we create our silence, we help you to...


Kristoffer Parup for OTO ©2019

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