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Unlock Balance and Harmony with Our Range of CBD for Menopause

Discover our CBD for menopause range, including the popular The Midlife Collection. This perfect gift for balance includes a variety of our best-selling products to create a soothing ritual in your everyday routine. The bundle includes our botanically infused CBD Sleep Drops, Rejuvenating Eye Cream, and Focus Roll-On

Our CBD Power Drops will help you feel empowered and grounded daily, providing emotional support when times feel heavy and challenging during menopause. Is menopause making your skin feel dry, lifeless and dull? Our CBD Night Cream, Revitalising Serum and 7-day Glow Treatment help restore radiance, soften dry skin, and support cell regeneration.

Do CBD products for Menopause work?

CBD offers a holistic approach to alleviating the symptoms commonly associated with menopause. As hormonal shifts occur, women often find themselves battling anxiety, sleep disruptions, and lacklustre skin.

Our CBD for Menopause line targets these concerns and can help to calm the mind, soothe the skin, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helping menopausal women enjoy more balance in their lives.

The OTO CBD for Menopause range is safe to be used alongside HRT, although it is not designed for that purpose. It can serve as a complementary therapy to ease the stressful side effects of this hormonal shift and help you feel grounded and calm.

How To Use OTO CBD Menopause Products

The products in our Menopause collection are perfect for creating pockets of calm and balance throughout your day. Whether you start each day by placing our Power or Sleep Drops under your tongue, applying our CBD roll-ons to your temples or wrists, or rejuvenating your skin with our topical CBD menopause products. 

Has your quality of sleep been affected by menopause? Discover our CBD Sleep Soundly Collection to help you drift off soundly; these products are indulgences that can enhance every aspect of your routine.

How long can I use CBD products for Menopause safely?

CBD is generally safe for long-term use, but individual factors such as dosage, frequency, and overall health should be considered. As with any wellness product, starting with the recommended dosage while monitoring for any adverse effects is advisable.

If you're incorporating CBD into your daily routine for an extended period, periodic check-ins with your healthcare provider can help ensure its continued efficacy and safety.

Can CBD for Menopause affect hormone levels or interfere with hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which regulates various physiological processes, including hormone production. While CBD itself does not directly alter hormone levels, it may indirectly influence hormone balance by promoting overall well-being and reducing stress, which can impact hormone levels.

However, CBD is generally considered safe to use alongside HRT, but it's advisable to consult with your healthcare provider for personalised advice.

Explore Our CBD For Menopause Products

Embrace this new chapter of life with the support of OTO Wellbeing. Shop our CBD for Menopause collection now and rediscover your inner balance, vitality, and radiance.

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