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Does CBD Support Menopause?

CBD can help ease some of the symptoms that women experiencing the menopause struggle with. The menopause can lead to feelings of anxiety, brain fog, trouble sleeping and changes to your skin, leaving it looking dull and lacklustre. 

CBD products can help to calm the mind, soothe the skin and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helping menopausal women enjoy more balance in their lives. The OTO range of CBD products can be used as a complementary therapy alongside HRT to ease the stressful side effects of this hormonal shift and help you feel grounded and calm. 

What To Find In Our CBD For Menopause Range

Our CBD for Menopause products are designed to calm anxiety, alleviate stress and nourish the mind and body, working safely alongside HRT treatments. The Midlife Collection is the perfect gift for balance, including a variety of our most popular products to create a soothing ritual in your every day. The bundle includes our botanically-infused CBD Sleep Drops, Rejuvenating Eye Cream and our Focus Roll-On. 

Our CBD Power Drops will help you move through every day feeling empowered and grounded, providing welcome emotional support when times feel heavy and challenging. And our CBD Facial Set is the perfect gift if your skin is looking lifeless, helping to restore radiance, soften dry skin and support cell regeneration. 

When To Use Our Menopause CBD Products

The products in our Menopause collection are perfect for creating pockets of calm and balance throughout your day. Whether you start each day with our Power Drops to help you move with confidence, treat your skin with the soothing properties of CBD or wind down with our Sleep Essentials to help you drift off soundly, these products are indulgences that can enhance every aspect of your routine.

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