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CBD Cocktail Bitters


100ml bottle | 1,350mg CBD

Elevate the evening with the soothing and grounding benefits of CBD.

  • Perfectly blended with herbaceous botanicals to enhance your overall wellbeing
  • Amplify the flavour of your cocktails and mocktails, crafted with pure CBD for a unique and enjoyable twist
  • Enhance the mood, occasion, and flavour of your beverages, adding an extra layer of depth to your creations
  • Feel calm and connected, providing a relaxing and mindful drinking experience
  • Made with high-quality and naturally-derived ingredients to support your wellness journey.
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  • Vegan

  • Cruelty free

  • Made in the UK

  • Zero sugar

Add 4 large dashes to tonics, cocktails, coffee or juices. Explore our favourite mindful mixology cocktail and mocktail recipes here.

Purified Water, Cannabidiol, Liquorice, Lime, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Cardamom, Gentian, Cacao, Cinchona, Kaffir Lime.

Sustainably sourced ingredients
We carefully select the highest-quality ingredients, ensuring they’re sustainably sourced, suitable for vegans and cruelty free. Over 95% are naturally derived, only using synthetic alternatives when they are the safest or more sustainable option.

Made in the UK in small batches
OTO products are consciously designed by our team and made in the UK in small batches to limit over production and waste.

Recyclable packaging
All OTO packaging is recyclable, except for droppers and pumps.

Partnerships for people and planet
We work with partners Future Plus and Sustainable Wellness Association to help shape sustainable business practices in the wellness industry. We audit all our suppliers to ensure they share our sustainability goals, values and practices.

As proud members of GenM we're committed to being a voice for change to better representing perimenopausal and menopausal women.

OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters box, glass bottle and lid are 100% recycble.

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International Deliveries
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Expertly Blended

Crafted with a blend of carefully selected botanical ingredients, OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters amplify the flavor of any drink by adding depth, complexity, and a unique taste profile.

Expertly made by blending pure OTO CBD with a bespoke range of herbaceous botanicals, this non-alcoholic Bitters brings a citrusy flavour profile with a hint of floral.

Elevate the evening

Integrating OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters into your evening routine brings a subtle sophistication to any occasion, whether hosting a gathering or enjoying a quiet moment of solitude.

The incorporation of CBD in these bitters promotes a gentle sense of calm and well-being, enhancing your ability to truly savor the moment and engage more profoundly with your environment and companions.

Feel calm and connected

In addition to the flavor-enhancing properties, CBD also imparts a calming effect on the mind and body and improves mood.

This fusion of exquisite taste and relaxation makes for an elevated, enjoyable drinking experience, transforming ordinary beverages into extraordinary creations.

Hero Ingredients


Liquorice root's centuries-old use in traditional medicine enhances our CBD cocktail bitters formula, providing natural sweetness and an earthy flavor profile for an unparalleled taste experience.

This exceptional blend of ingredients offers a unique twist on traditional bitters, promoting well-being and delightful flavors in every sip.


Cacao, abundant in health-supporting flavonoids, offers not only nutritional benefits but also fosters a sense of calm and contentment.

This powerful ingredient elevates chocolate to a delicious and wholesome treat, enhancing both physical and emotional well-being.


Lemongrass, a zesty herb, encourages relaxation while stimulating serotonin release, promoting both mental tranquility and an uplifted mood.

This aromatic plant offers a natural way to enhance emotional well-being and balance


In our exceptional CBD cocktail bitters, the inclusion of CBD serves to enrich the overall experience by promoting a sense of calm and balance.

This key ingredient complements the blend's flavorful botanicals, elevating the taste and enjoyment of your favorite beverages while adding a soothing and grounding element.


While alcohol is a depressant and can often leave us feeling worse than we did before we poured, you’ll see the opposite effect with CBD... the benefits are numerous.


There is no denying the depth these premium bitters will bring to any drink.


These bitters not only help deliver a sense of calm from the CBD, but the additional ingredients also help heighten your drink’s flavour profile

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