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CBD Drops

Introducing our range of premium CBD Drops - a transformative addition to your self-care routine. Designed to help you maintain balance, calm, and deep rest, OTO CBD Drops are formulated with a blend of essential oils and pure CBD. 


CBD Drinks


CBD For Calm

Unlock Calm, Balance, and Deep Rest with OTO's CBD Drops

Designed to be taken under the tongue for fast-acting, quick absorption, our vegan and cruelty-free CBD drops are made with entirely naturally derived ingredients and high-quality pure CBD. Whether you're looking to unwind before bed or stay grounded throughout the day, our versatile CBD drops range has something to support your every need.

Our Sleep Drops help achieve the perfect night’s rest and our Power Drops are designed to help you tackle the day ahead with focus. Discover CBD drops for day and night use, or explore our larger range of premium Oils.

How to use OTO's CBD Drops

Using our CBD drops is simple. Just shake the bottle well, release one push (or half a pipette) from the dropper under your tongue, and hold for 30 seconds until fully absorbed before swallowing. Depending on the drops you are using will depend on when you should take them, so please refer to the product page for more information.

However, for optimum effect, we suggest you use the drops daily.

What are the benefits of CBD drops?

CBD drops are designed to help you maintain balance, calm, and deep rest, CBD drops have shown possible effects in tackling common issues such as insomnia, anxiety and pain management.

Can CBD Drops be used to help with anxiety?

CBD drops can be utilised for anxiety by leveraging the calming and relaxing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) to help soothe the mind and body. OTO's CBD drop product range offers a variety of options, each formulated with carefully selected ingredients to promote feelings of tranquillity and reduce stress.

By incorporating CBD drops into a daily wellness routine, you can potentially alleviate symptoms of anxiety and experience a greater sense of calm and balance.

Can I take CBD drops every day?

Much like vitamins, CBD drops are best taken consistently as part of a daily routine. Our studies found that you must take over 40mg of CBD daily for 3-4 days for the full benefits to kick in. We suggest a daily intake of 40-60mg.

Explore Available CBD Drops

CBD Power Drops – Containing 1125mg of CBD in every 15ml bottle, Power Drops are designed to keep you grounded, whatever the day may hold. Pure CBD is blended with blood orange, cacao husk, carob seed extract and vitamins C, D and E for a fast-acting solution to help you face the day ahead.

CBD Sleep Drops – Achieve the perfect night’s sleep with OTO CBD Sleep Drops that are infused with calming lavender, field mint and butterfly pea flowers to help you unwind and rest soundly after a busy day. Delivering 50mg of CBD in every use, each bottle has a delicate yet refreshing mint flavour.

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