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CBD Drinks

Embrace tranquillity with our calmingly refreshing CBD-infused drinks. Designed to elevate social occasions and amplify cherished moments, our exquisite non-alcoholic CBD drinks combine an exceptional taste journey with the potential holistic benefits of CBD. Find the ultimate beverage to unwind with OTO Wellbeing.


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Say Hello to Our Range of CBD-Infused Drinks

Dive into our diverse collection of CBD drinks and choose from our selection of non-alcoholic, refreshing flavours, each offering an exceptional taste journey coupled with the calming essence of CBD.

From our CBD Cocktail Bitters, perfect for enriching any drink with a touch of luxury and calm, to our vibrant, botanical CBD seltzers pack, our CBD drinks guide you to a more relaxed and mindful you. Perfect for those seeking a non-alcoholic alternative, our drinks deliver a serene, relaxing sensation without the undesirable after-effects of a hangover.

What do CBD drinks do?

Our CBD-infused drinks can bring tranquillity into your daily routine. Entirely alcohol-free and bursting with fresh flavours, these CBD-enhanced refreshments offer a serene moment in your bustling day. Whether your aim is relaxation, mindfulness, or a deeper connection to the present moment, we have a CBD-infused beverage tailored to your mood.

Each of our CBD-infused offerings is crafted with meticulously chosen botanical ingredients that harmoniously complement the properties of CBD. These flavourful refreshments are perfectly balanced to enrich your day and guide you towards a serene state of mind.

What are the benefits of CBD drinks?

With their soothing properties, CBD drinks can help promote relaxation and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Additionally, they may aid in relieving muscle tension and promoting a sense of overall well-being. CBD-infused beverages come in various flavours and formulations, making them versatile and enjoyable for any occasion.

Whether you're seeking a moment of calm or simply looking to unwind after a long day, OTO’s CBD seltzer drinks provide a delicious and effective option to incorporate into your wellness routine.

Can you mix CBD drinks with alcohol?

Although our CBD Seltzers and CBD bitters are delightful on their own and alcohol-free, they also serve as excellent mixers for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. For inspiration, explore our collection of CBD cocktail recipes, featuring refreshing mocktails ideal for summer or try our La Vie En Rose cocktail recipe blending sparkling wine with CBD bitters for a unique twist.

Explore Our Available CBD Seltzers & Bitters

Our CBD-infused beverages are meticulously developed to complement the rich flavours of your favourite cocktails, tonics and juices.

Experience our best-selling CBD Cocktail Bitters, a particular favourite among our customers, introducing a citrus undertone to your beverages, enhancing their flavour and promoting your wellbeing or indulge in the unique blend of our CBD Botanical Seltzers.

Our CBD Seltzers are available in enticing flavours such as Green Tea & Garden Mint, Blood Orange & Chilli, and Elderflower & Juniper. Each is enriched with 25mg of premium CBD for serenity in every sip. We also offer a Seltzer Discovery Pack that includes each flavour of our CBD-infused drinks so you can experience every avenue of refreshment.

Explore our collection of premium CBD drinks, get creative, and embrace a refreshing path to relaxation.

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