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Fresh Focus: Clarity & Refreshment with this No-Alcohol CBD Cocktail

As we navigate our busy lives, finding moments of focus and clarity can be a challenge. In this exclusive blog post, we're excited to share a rejuvenating no-alcohol cocktail that combines the benefits of CBD with invigorating flavors: the Fresh Focus.

Featuring our premium OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters, this delicious drink offers a sophisticated and revitalizing experience that helps you regain your focus without any alcohol.



The Fresh Focus is a delightful concoction of the following ingredients:

  1. 20ml Everleaf: This non-alcoholic aperitif brings a rich, bittersweet taste to the cocktail, adding depth and complexity.
  2. 20ml Cucumber Syrup: The refreshing, light flavor of cucumber syrup provides a cooling touch and a hint of natural sweetness.
  3. 20ml Lime: Fresh lime juice adds a zesty, tangy note that brightens the drink and enhances its invigorating qualities.
  4. 3 dashes OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters: Infused with high-quality CBD, our bitters not only enrich the flavors of your no-alcohol cocktail but also deliver the calming and focusing benefits of CBD.
  5. Kombucha: This fermented tea drink brings a touch of effervescence and a unique, tangy taste that complements the other ingredients perfectly.
  6. Rosemary, Lime & Cucumber: These fresh elements provide a fragrant and visually appealing garnish to complete the drink.



Creating the Fresh Focus no-alcohol cocktail is a simple and enjoyable process:

  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the Everleaf, cucumber syrup, lime juice, and OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters.
  2. Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously to mix and chill the ingredients.
  3. Strain the mixture into a coupette glass filled with fresh ice.
  4. Top up the drink with your choice of kombucha.



To further enhance the visual appeal and aromatic qualities of the Fresh Focus, garnish the drink with:

  1. A sprig of rosemary: The fragrant, herbal aroma of rosemary adds an extra layer of complexity and sophistication to the drink.
  2. A lime wheel: A slice of lime brings a vibrant touch of color and a zesty accent.
  3. A cucumber ribbon: A delicate ribbon of cucumber adds a refreshing, cooling element and a touch of elegance.


The Fresh Focus no-alcohol cocktail, featuring OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters, is the perfect way to reinvigorate your senses and sharpen your focus without alcohol. With its refreshing flavors and the calming benefits of CBD, this sophisticated drink offers an elevated experience that caters to your well-being and taste buds alike.

Enjoy the Fresh Focus and embrace the clarity and rejuvenation it brings to your day.

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