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Discover Balance with a Refreshing Alcohol-Free CBD Tonic Cocktail

In today's fast-paced and often unsettling world, finding moments of balance is essential. We're excited to share a delightful alcohol-free cocktail that brings the calming benefits of CBD and a refreshing fruity taste to your glass: the CBD Tonic.

This alcohol-free cocktail is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and relaxing drink without compromising on taste or experience.


The CBD Tonic is a delightful blend of the following ingredients:

  1. 3 dashes OTO Cocktail Bitters: Infused with high-quality CBD, these bitters add a touch of complexity to your alcohol-free cocktail while providing the soothing benefits of CBD.
  2. 25ml Seedlip Garden 108: A non-alcoholic spirit with a fresh, herbal flavor that adds depth and character to the cocktail.
  3. 15ml Everleaf Forest: This non-alcoholic aperitif contributes a rich, bittersweet taste, enhancing the overall flavor profile of the drink.
  4. 50ml Cranberry Juice: The tart, fruity flavor of cranberry juice brings a refreshing balance to the cocktail.
  5. Tonic Water (to top up): London Essence Classic Tonic Water adds effervescence and a subtle hint of bitterness that elevates the drink.


To create the CBD Tonic, simply follow these steps:

  1. In a highball glass, build up the OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters, Seedlip Garden 108, Everleaf Forest, and cranberry juice.
  2. Stir the ingredients gently to combine.
  3. Top up the glass with London Essence Classic Tonic Water.


Complete your alcohol-free CBD Tonic with these elegant garnishes:

  1. Lime Wheel: A slice of lime adds a zesty, citrus note that complements the flavors of the drink.
  2. Fresh Cranberry: A few fresh cranberries bring a pop of color and a hint of tartness.
  3. Optional Pine Stick: For a unique and aromatic touch, consider adding a small pine stick.


The CBD Tonic is the perfect alcohol-free cocktail for those seeking balance and relaxation in their lives. With its refreshing fruity flavors and the calming benefits of CBD, this sophisticated drink offers an elevated experience that caters to both your taste buds and well-being.

Enjoy the CBD Tonic and embrace the harmony it brings to your day.

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