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A gift for every language of love

Connect to your loved one through their love language and discover their perfect gift.

According to Dr Gary Chapman, 'love is a choice you make every day'. Love languages are based on the idea that everyone expresses and receives love differently. Not understanding one another's love language can cause stress and anxiety due to feelings of being misunderstood or neglected. Learning other people’s love languages can improve communication and contentment within relationships.

The five love languages are:

❤️ Words of affirmation

❤️ Acts of service

❤️ Receiving gifts

❤️ Quality time

❤️ Physical touch

We have the perfect, thoughtful gift tailored to each language of love.

Words of affirmation

Do you find it hard to express your true feelings due to fear or anxiety? Our Power Drops can help you feel centred, grounded and calm, so you can express yourself with ease and share how much your loved one means to you.

Acts of service

Run your loved one a hot and soothing bubble bath with a scented candle to show how much you care. Top tip; our CBD Body Oil doubles as a bath oil, we recommend our deeply relaxing and soothing Balance Body Oil combining the highest quality natural CBD infused with fragonia, helichrysum and chamomile essential oils.

Receiving gifts

Be the most thoughtful gift-giver with the gift that keeps on giving. Give the gift of sweet dreams with our Gift of Sleep set. Designed to help them relax, unwind and drift into deep sleep with our best-selling CBD Sleep Drops, award-winning CBD Pillow Mist, indulgent Night Face Mask and luxurious Silk Eye Mask.

Quality time

Enhance time with your special someone with our CBD non-alcoholic cocktail bitters. Unwind and feel good with your loved one so you can experience the richness of the moment. CBD promotes calmness and contentment, assisting in more meaningful conversations, without the need for alcohol. During our consumer trials, 92% of participants experienced an improvement in mood, energy and relationships when using OTO products.⁠

Physical touch

Show your affection by giving your partner a massage. Massages allow you to physically connect and be intimate with your partner, deepening your connection. OTO’s revitalising and invigorating Amplify Body Oil heightens your senses and promotes calm, bringing the moment into full focus. Our Amplify Body Oil is the perfect way to amplify sensual moments.

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