OTO X The drug store sound bath

Many of us are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety - some of us for the first time having not previously been impacted - during the Covid-19 crisis and it is incredibly important to practice self-care and take a moment for yourself during these difficult times. We wanted to ensure we played our bit to help you find your space, so have collaborated with our friends at The Drug Store, to host a virtual sound bath with OTO Sound Therapist, Michelle Cade so you can enjoy the incredible, meditative power of sound from the comfort of your own home.


Sound & CBD work together to restore harmony & balance in the body, we are basically large sound conductors, so you can understand why both audible and inaudible sound would have a profound effect on us - you can find out more about how this works here [link to sound & CBD blog] - so we recommend enjoying one of our 50mg CBD shots or applying our 20% CBD roll ons ahead of the sound journey.

Michelle will begin the session with breath work and a mindful meditation before taking you on a soothing 40 minute sound journey that features gong, crystal bowls, Koshi bells and vocals.

We chatted to Michelle about how you can prep the space you’ll be enjoying the soundbath to ensure you have as restorative journey as possible:

  1. Find a quiet and comfy space in the house where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Mute WhatsApp, text and any other notifications that might interrupt and distract.
  3. Create ambient lighting with candles and lamps.
  4. Diffuse calming essential oils - we recommend lavandin, chamomile or lavender which all feature within our Balance range.
  5. Listen with headphones or a Bluetooth speaker to experience the sound vibrations to their full potential.