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CBD For Focus


Discover our CBD for Focus collection - the natural solution to help you conquer distractions and achieve peak mental clarity. Designed to support your wellbeing and refocus your mind, our CBD-infused products are the perfect addition to your daily routine, helping you stay grounded and tackle whatever the day brings.


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Discover The Power of CBD For Focus

Our popular CBD Power Drops restore a sense of calm, inspiring you to tackle whatever your day has in store, with cacao husks and blood orange to bring a sense of inner peace and strength. 

OTO’s CBD focus range also includes topical products, including the Focus CBD Roll-On which sinks into the skin instantly, delivering the perfect dose of CBD. Discover our range of CBD Seltzer drinks, the perfect pick-up drink for when you want to avoid caffeine, using 100% natural ingredients that help calm your mind and allow you to focus. 

Add depth to your favourite drink with OTO's CBD Cocktail Bitters. This botanical blend of cocoa, cinnamon, liquorice, lemongrass, and lime is infused with premium, pure CBD for stress-free sipping. 

 The ingredients in our CBD for Focus range have been carefully chosen to increase productivity, prevent distraction and bring your attention back into focus. 

Does CBD Help You Focus?

CBD can help to boost concentration by bringing balance, helping us focus on the present moment. When we’re stressed and overthinking, it’s difficult to focus – CBD helps to ease a busy mind so we can gain clarity and calm, and approach the day with precision. 

How Do You Use CBD Oil For Focus?

Our CBD for Focus range is perfect for use throughout the day to help minimise distractions and ease a racing mind. Apply our Focus CBD Roll-On to your temples or wrists before an important meeting or task. Start your day with a CBD oil for focus; our Power Drops help you to step into every day feeling grounded, focused and ready to tackle your to-do list. Or enjoy our refreshing CBD Focus Seltzer - a mint and green tea flavoured, 100% natural, alcohol-free, and calming beverage that can provide a gentle focus-enhancing pick-me-up throughout the day.

Explore Our CBD For Focus Products

Experience the difference OTO Wellbeing can make in your daily routine. Shop our CBD for Focus collection now and elevate your focus, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

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