Oto sleep drops

OTO health and beauty director, Rosie Joly, looks at why demand is so high for our exciting new product...

You know as well as I do that sleep matters. But good sleep is bloody hard to come by!

So when we released our brand new OTO CBD Sleep Drops just over a month ago, the whole team was immensely proud. Somehow under complete lockdown and with everyone working remotely we managed to launch the most innovative CBD tincture on the market - which would have been a feat even under the best of circumstances.

This has been a long time in the making. Our mission is to encourage people to discover the power of CBD, by creating thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into their daily lives. In order to stay true to our mission, we knew that we could not ignore one of the largest segments of the CBD market, but we had the very real ambition to develop something that represented true innovation within the drops/tincture category. The whole team has worked incredibly hard over the last 8 months to develop the best tincture money can buy - and now it’s here.

‘Given the challenging circumstances of bringing this product to life, I have to say it’s the one I’m most proud of’. - Rina Bhansali, Production Director, OTO

The drops became a bedtime essential for the whole team. It’s safe to say that we were all relieved to finally be catching up on some much-needed sleep, as we had all been struggling a little more than usual but weren’t quite sure why.

The next week this BBC article landed, highlighting the concerning result of their latest sleep survey:

More than half the UK population has struggled with sleep during the lockdown

That was when the penny really dropped. Not only had we just launched a market-leading product, but we had done so in time to answer a very real, new and pressing consumer need. Now, more people than ever need support to take care of their minds and bodies, and ultimately achieve their vital daily requirement of a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is essential to our health. For the body and mind to restore and regenerate. Having been someone who has struggled with sleep a lot throughout my life, it is undeniable how much of an impact a good night’s sleep has on my overall wellbeing. It helps you feel positive, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on the day with all the energy and confidence you deserve. You cannot reach your full potential without sleep, that’s why it represents one of the key cornerstones of our product range at OTO.

After the success of our now award-winning Pillow Mist - used by the lovely Cressida Bonas and Jodie Kidd no less - we knew we needed to broaden out our Sleep range. First we developed our incredible range of Night-time Skincare. This range contains the highest concentrations of CBD within the global skincare market, and works with your body to regenerate, renew and repair your skin whilst you sleep. This range is now loved by skincare enthusiasts across the UK and to truly complete our Sleep range, we wanted to tackle a drop.

When looking at drops and tinctures, it can’t be denied that most of them are quite unpleasant to use, often tasting quite bitter and grassy. It can also be quite challenging to get the dosage right; and the last thing you want before going to bed is to have to worry about counting drops or measuring mls.

There are four main reasons why people really do love our Sleep Drops:

  1. They taste amazing. We spent a lot of time getting the taste and flavour profile perfect. We were keen to make the product light and refreshing, with a combination of the highest quality 100% natural coconut, lavender, liquorice and field mint extracts. You really get a delicious and subtle minty flavour, which is perfect to easily fit into your bedtime routine, e.g after brushing your teeth.
  2. The unique product elements make it the easiest tincture to use.Going to bed needs to be as stress-free as possible and so using our Sleep Drops needed to be too. So much love, care and effort went into designing our bottle; and the result is that it delivers the exact dose you need to start drifting away - at the simple click of a button.
  3. They really do work. Like all of our OTO products, our Sleep Drops come with our OTOStrength guarantee of optimum and truly effective levels of the highest quality, pure CBD isolate. With 10% CBD and a complementary blend of organic, hand- picked botanical extracts like lavender and butterfly pea flower, these ingredients were specially selected to help you wind down and relax for bedtime.

    I was absolutely stunned when our customer trial results came back. They were even better than expected, especially given the rigorous approach we took. My favourite stat… trialists reporting ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ overall sleep quality went from 8% before Sleep Drops usage to 62% at the end of the trial. That’s an 8x increase in people getting Good to Very Good sleep using our product!

    ‘I loved it and have been raving to all my friends about them. I'm so pleased that my hunch CBD oil might be a way to improve my sleep issues. Genuinely shocked at the level of improvement in the nature and quality of my sleep. I feel so rested in the morning!! THANK YOU’
    Renasha K

  4. It is great value. At £69 RRP and designed to last exactly 30 days, that’s £2.30 a night - or about the price of your daily Pret latte.

    We are aware of the fact that purchasing with OTO isn't always as simple as a quick impulse buy, no matter how wonderful our products truly are. Highest-quality, pure CBD isolate which is both safe and effective to use, as well as our hand-picked and organic ayurvedic botanical extracts, are expensive raw ingredients to source. But we are on a mission to help people discover the power of CBD. And as we have grown, we’ve managed to find some savings along the way, recently reducing our prices to pass those savings on to the customer. If some of these new prices make it just a little easier for you to enjoy our award-winning CBD drinks, oils or skin-care, then we’re on our way to achieving our goal as a brand. Whatever we do, and with every new exciting product we release, it’s the same quality and efficacy we’ve always promised. Guaranteed.

We’re not the only ones seeing our new Sleep Drops fly off the shelves, as our friends at The Drug Store have also seen it becoming a firm favourite.

“This latest release from OTO has flown straight into the list for us, and gave us an amazing night’s sleep. The OTO Sleep Drops have also combated one of our biggest issues which is dosing - a true innovation in the CBD industry. This product really does work! We think this is actually great value.”

...and as an extra plug, the Sleep Drops are also available at Harrods, Molecule and have just landed on the shelves at Selfridges too!

As we’re temporarily out of stock on our website due to such high demand, we thought we’d run a special, limited time pre-order offer to celebrate with you. You can Pre-order your Sleep Drops now, due to be back in stock very soon, and receive a free discovery set of our 3 CBD shots, on us! Whilst (new) stock lasts.

Sleep well!

Rosie x