OTO Sleep Drops

A recently published BBC article brought to light the worrying results of a UK sleep survey: ‘More than half the UK population has struggled with sleep during the lockdown’. A 2017 Sleep Council study had already found that 35% of us had been experiencing sleeping problems for over five years; with 74% of us sleeping less than the recommended 7 hours a night. With the current added stress and anxiety, no wonder we’re feeling tired.

From worrying about your health, your career, the wellbeing of your family and loved ones as well as having to adapt to a completely new routine, people have been experiencing a whole plethora of sleeping problems! You might be finding it hard to fall asleep, or sleeping more but wake up feeling exhausted. Two in five of us also mentioned experiencing more vivid dreams than usual.

At OTO, sleep has always been something we cherish and nurture. It helps restore our body and minds, keeps us fresh, energised, focused and creative. That’s why several of our products are designed specifically to help you wind down after a busy day, relax, and prepare for a better, more restorative night’s sleep.

So how can CBD help with sleep?

Anxiety, stress and pain are three of the main causes of insomnia; and in a vicious cycle, a lack of sleep can worsen all three. CBD produces calming, pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects in the body that can help users achieve a better night’s sleep. And unlike sleeping tablets, you won’t be left feeling drowsy or tired during the day. Instead, CBD promotes homeostasis - or balance - within the body.

Our consumer trials have shown extremely positive results. When using our OTO Pillow Mist, 87% of participants reported an improvement in sleep quality, with 92% also benefiting from improved mood, energy and concentration.

We’re also very excited to announce the launch of our new OTO CBD Sleep Drops: containing 10% CBD as well a complementary blend of botanicals like lavender and butterfly pea flower, hand-selected to help you wind down, relax and better prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. Uniquely designed to deliver an exact and effective 50MG dose of CBD at the push of a button, with a light and refreshing field mint flavour, OTO CBD Sleep Drops is both stress-free and enjoyable to use.

By using it under the tongue, CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, making it a fast-acting way to prepare for a better night's sleep. The 15ml bottle also contains exactly 30 doses, designed to last you a full 30 days. And at £69 RRP, we think it’s worth every peaceful minute.

What other things can you do to help?

The BBC article suggests ‘keeping to a routine, not taking naps and trying to get some exercise outside’, which are all very helpful points and a great place to start when thinking about your general health and wellbeing. OTO scientists, Dr Ketan Joshi and Dr Michael Haslam have also shared with us their top tips for better sleep:


In today’s hectic modern world, this is perhaps easier said than done. However, creating a regular schedule will programme the brain and sleep cycle into a set routine. Your internal body clock is the greatest sleep tool and it can take between three to ten days to reset, so it is important to keep your sleep habits consistent. Developing a pre-bedtime routine that starts an hour or so before you sleep will allow you to wind down and clear your head. This hour will massively help your sleep quality and it should be a moment of calm. We suggest taking a bath, reading or meditating.


We all know the impact ‘blue light’ has on sleep, but it can be hard to switch off and break free. Here are some tips to break the addiction. Switch your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode at least an hour before bed. This will stop any notifications or calls coming through, allowing you to slowly disengage from the outside world. ‘Downtime’ also allows you to switch off access to apps during set times – perfect for stopping pre-bedtime social media scrolling. Setting ‘night shift’ on your phone in the evening will adjust your screen from blue to yellow light which is softer on your eyes. If you still can’t resist the urge to reach for your phone, tuck it away at the opposite side of the room out of arm’s reach.


Investing in a good quality bed, mattress and bedding can do wonders for a good night’s sleep. Of the three, investing in a mattress is the most essential as a bad mattress won’t just affect your sleep, it can also result in back and joint pain. A lot of skill goes into making premium mattresses and the difference really is noticeable. Although they can come with a hefty price tag, spending a third of your life in bed means it’s worth spending a little more time considering your options.


Noise, light pollution and temperature can all affect sleep; so creating the right conditions can help. Make sure the room is cool, ideally between 16-18°C. CBD will also be of benefit here, as it helps the body remain calm and balanced, naturally assisting with symptoms of overheating. Make sure all light-emitting electronics are switched off (think stand-by buttons, electric clocks etc.) and consider blackout curtains if you’re a particularly light sleeper. Noise can be harder to control - especially if you live in a busy area - however, a lot of people recommend white noise machines. They work by generating high-pitched static consisting of randomised frequencies to aid sleep.