Ritual Hand Balm

OTO health and beauty director, Rosie Joly, tells all about our brand new RITUAL Hemp Hand Balm - an OTO story…


Dry and irritated hands are seemingly an inescapable result of our repeated hand washing this year - you probably heard of lockdown face, but lockdown hands is just as much of a problem, particularly as we head into the colder, harsher Winter months. Everywhere we look we are reminded to wash and sanitise our hands thoroughly, and rightly so! But we’re here to remind you of the less widely cited advice: to moisturize them too!


The power of Hemp for skincare has always been an essential part of what we do. When combined with botanicals and essential oils, Hemp works to balance the skin and reduce inflammation, helping to alleviate discomfort and problem-skin conditions such as eczema, whilst protecting the skin from UV damage and reducing the signs of ageing. 

That’s why we were so excited to release our new RITUAL Hemp day skincare range - the perfect addition to our already much loved, award-winning and super indulgent BALANCE night time range. Featuring a day serum, a day cream and a lip balm, these potent new products were designed to rebalance and protect all skin types, including problem skin.


But we didn’t stop there and heard your call for a much needed OTO Hemp Hand Balm - loud and clear! After all, we believe we should all be rewarded for our excellent hand hygiene, not suffer the dry, irritating consequences!


Our RITUAL Hemp Hand Balm, combines high-strength & high-quality pure Hemp extract with rich hydrating Ayurvedic botanicals and essential oils such as Shea Butter, Olive Fruit Oil and Aloe Vera. Together, they nourish and soothe the hands whilst protecting them against irritation caused by pollution, over-washing as well as the harsh weather ahead.


Key ingredients & benefits include:


  • Shea Butter helps to heal the skin and encourage cellular renewal
  • Olive Fruit Oil is rich in vitamins A & E and skin-nourishing omega fatty acids, helping the skin stay supple and keep ageing at bay
  • Aloe Leaf Juice is naturally high in healing properties, containing amino acids and vitamins helping to hydrate dry skin


As part of our mission to punctuate people’s days with moments of self-care, our RITUAL Hand Balm has been designed for its convenience and ease of use, making it the ultimate carry-around for smooth and protected hands throughout the day, everyday. Each time you open the beautiful blue aluminium tube to apply our deeply nourishing RITUAL Hand Balm, we hope to bring a moment of calm and joy into your day.


We’re inredibly proud of its amazing value; retailing at just £29 RRP, it's a steal, given it contains 750mg of pure CBD. Understanding how much our hands were suffering, we strove to make our potent Hemp Hand Balm not only effective and enjoyable, but fair and accessible.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


With Love,


Rosie x