Sleep drops trial

The results are in… and they’re even better than predicted!

Perhaps the most powerful stat is trialists reporting ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ overall sleep quality - it went from 8% before Sleep Drops usage to 62% at the end of the trial. That’s an 8x increase in people getting Good to Very Good sleep using the product!

But before we get into the numbers, let’s go through the process...


245 people completed an initial screening survey to determine their sleep patterns, quality or sleep and any particular sleep concerns or issues with sleeping.

From these, 50 were selected using stratified random sampling (random choice of participants after segmenting by gender, age group and sleep quality).

The information below is drawn from their responses from a post trial follow up survey after 2 weeks of using Sleep Drops.


88 %

reported improved sleep quality

82 %

fell asleep faster

76 %

woke up less often during the night

71 %

had better mood, more energy, or better relationships after using OTO Sleep Drops

Trialists reporting ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ overall sleep quality went from 8% before Sleep Drops usage to 62% at the end of the trial.

They were also falling asleep faster with trialists saying they were Falling asleep within 15 minutes increasing from 8% to 51%.

They were seeing improvements in the mood and energy levels with people reporting no or very little sleep-related issues affecting mood and energy levels increasing from 18% to 69%.

They were seeing improvements in concentration and productivity with people reporting no or very little sleep-related issues affecting concentration and productivity increasing from 20% to 69%.


‘I didn't expect a Hemp product to be so pleasant and the feel of the product (and taste) felt indulgent. It easily fit into my sleep routine and despite a lot of external factors which should have negatively affected my sleep, I've slept better than I have in months using this!
Emily A

I loved it and have been raving to all my friends about them. I'm so pleased that my hunch Hemp oil might be a way to improve my sleep issues. Genuinely shocked at the level of improvement in the nature and quality of my sleep. I feel so rested in the morning!! THANK YOU
Renasha K

‘Having used a few CBD products before for sleep and inflammation, and with mixed results, I wasn't sure how good these drops would be. There was definitely an almost instant improvement in my sleep in the first few days, this continued to develop over the last couple of weeks. Love the drops - plan to get some more :)
Nick M


Well first we need to complete this next production run...because we are already out of stock. You can Pre-order your sleep drops here (and get a free discovery shot pack).

We will run a follow-up trial with the next tranche of participants. I’m looking forward to reading a bunch of those more positive testimonials. It makes my day, and it’s what makes OTO special.

Gemma x