Lisa Oxenham

Marie Claire’s Beauty & Style Director, Lisa Oxenham explains why after a hard day, she reaches for a CBD cocktail instead of an alcoholic drink….

A few years ago I decided to live an alcohol-free existence. Enough was enough; the negatives far outweighed the positives, and the occasional wild, frivolous night was definitely not worth the hangover (or the dehydrated skin and sluggishness that would last for the ensuing week).

At the beginning, it was difficult to break the habit because it was so firmly woven into my social life. I felt like alcohol helped me to connect with people and break down barriers, as if I were my more chatty ‘best’ self when I’d had a drink to lower my inhibitions. But I quickly realised I was wrong, that it may have numbed the part of my brain that cared about what people thought and, in the process, was acting as a barrier to connecting properly with them - and with myself. During my first period off the booze, I made a concerted effort to chat with others, while sober, and realised my interactions quickly became easier.

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However, there is only so many virgin mojitos and green teas a person can consume, and I still craved a fast relaxation fix so I started to dabble with CBD and, after some trials and error, have discovered a perfect post-office tipple for when I want to socialise, celebrate, date or simply relax.

After a few, I find myself mellowed, but with clarity (and without a hideous hangover the next day). Premium CBD brand OTO have summed up the feeling perfectly: “For those moments where suddenly everything feels more vivid, more moving, because it is not about losing yourself, it’s about connecting to the present.”

CBD started popping up as a health ingredient to alleviate anxiety, pain, and inflammation and was quickly revered by health experts. It works just as well in drinks, where its natural taste is mostly green with chlorophyll-like notes that can add a pleasant earthy taste to drinks.

For my most refreshing long drink I love pairing OTO’s CBD Bitters with seasonal ingredients like fresh apple and pear juice, or herbs including sage, mint, and rosemary as I believe they work best for calming effects and overall wellness.

Try the Fresh Focus made with OTO CBD Bitters

Fresh focus CBD cocktail

20ml Everleaf,
20ml cucumber syrup,
20ml lime,
three dashes of OTO CBD Bitters, kombucha,
Garnish with rosemary, lime and cucumber.

I love the complexity that the bitter herb-infused botanical and aromatic Bitters add to drinks. It’s a feel-good and taste-good cocktail, that is so good for you that really I consider them medicinal.

Cheers to that.

Lisa Oxenham

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