How can OTO help me relax

Even before the crisis, ‘relaxing’ was tough. Urban life, with all this information, good and bad, at our fingertips and in our pockets makes it increasingly difficult to carve out time to relax. According to research by the Mental Health Foundation, nearly half of the population of Britain feel more anxious now than they ever used to, with many of the participants admitting to feeling anxious on a daily basis. Niggles, stressors, anxiety triggers or notifications distract us from switching off.

Being subjected to stress on a daily basis can not only threaten your mental health, but also impact your physical health and your relationships. Prioritising relaxation can help us to feel more balanced when we are dealing with the stresses and anxieties that come with our connected lifestyles. When we are relaxed, we feel more confident, comfortable and happy - beneficial both in our professional lives and when we’re building personal relationships and spending time with friends.

CBD can help. When I first discovered CBD I was living in California, trying to juggle a high-powered career, a busy social life and being a newlywed. It’s safe to say that my down-time was non-existent... until a friend recommended I try CBD oil. She was struggling with all the same stressors I was. And she lauded CBD as a natural way to reduce the impact of stresses that were keeping me from living my best life.

It worked. That's because CBD has a powerful effect on both the behavioural and physiological symptoms of stress, helping us to find balance within our bodies and in turn, making it easier for us to relax. During OTO’s extensive consumer trials, 85% of participants who previously said that they regularly have trouble relaxing, benefited from using OTO.

How it works is down to the CBD molecule that comes from hemp plants and is similar to a molecule we produce in our own bodies. CBD reacts with a complex network of receptors through the body to promote homeostasis, or balance, within the body. It also helps regulate physiological functions such as encouraging healthy sleeping patterns; positively influencing mood; and reducing stress and anxiety. However we only produce CBD internally on demand, so by supplementing the levels of our own naturally occurring CBD, we can encourage balance in our body, more often, which helps to quieten internal stressors or triggers that result in stress or distraction.

I personally found that once I started taking CBD regularly it felt like a newfound sense of clarity and calm. Initially I took CBD in droplet form like our OTO Sleep Drops ™, but now my favourite way to get my daily dosage is through use of our rich and moisturising body oils and a few dashes of our CBD Bitters in my coffee in the morning. It lets me focus and prioritise, and almost more importantly, to recognise the irrationality of some of the thoughts I would previously have over-analysed and stressed about. With CBD I don’t waste time cataloging the reasons I am anxious - instead when I choose to take some time to myself, I am actually taking time to myself. And what a relief that is.

(OTO Founder)