Fear. It’s something that affects millions of us, yet it remains a rarely talked about aspect of mental health - now more than ever. We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with actress, Cressida Bonas, on her new podcast, Fear Itself, which explores this very subject and how it can impact our lives: how does fear show up, how do people try to hide it, how can we harness it and what can we learn from it?

In these extraordinary times, the subject of fear has sadly never been more relevant, and we hope you will find the podcast both inspirational and perhaps even a welcome distraction during the difficult times. Featuring an array of guests including Ellie Goulding, Freddie Fox and Elizabeth Day, Fear Itself explores our relationship with fear and at a time when many people are, fearing for themselves, their neighbours and loved ones, as well as the impact this will have on our world, it is a curious topic.

Although a rarely talked about aspect of mental health, fear can be crippling and CBD can help us with our management of our own fear, by calming the mind, attenuating anxiety and promoting a healthy stress response. There has even been a study, conducted by JAMA Psychiatry in 2009 that showed that CBD lowered our physical responses fear, rather than just a subjective feeling of calm.

Fear Itself features conversations between Cressida and a variety of guests from lots of different walks of life, discussing their relationship to fear throughout their lives. In her experience, fear can be motivational, but can also hold us back and she was curious to understand dynamic a bit better.

In light of current news, she says that making this podcast reinforced for her that although fear can be overwhelming and panic-inducing, it can also be a force for good, and a weapon to fight this crisis - it makes us take precautions and follow expert advice, but, in particular it can drive us to adapt and work together to help each other during what seems like an impossibly challenging time.

Podcasts can be a great way of connecting people by hearing other people’s stories and thoughts, making people feel less alone especially at unknown times like these and we hope that this podcast can give small moments of distraction, entertainment and respite from the news.