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The first luxury CBD brand to receive food safety agency validation

In its business guidance on cannabidiol (“CBD”) as a ‘novel food’, the FSA states that the sale of over-the-counter CBD products in the UK is allowed only for existing brands that are included in the CBD Public List.

We are pleased to announce we are the first premium CBD and wellness line to secure validation from UK food safety regulators for its products, following inclusion in the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) CBD Public List.

We avidly welcome the improved regulation of CBD products and are enthusiastic about the opportunities it will bring to us at OTO.

We are confident this regulation will provide stronger trust and reassurance to people who want to discover our range of products, and we remain committed to offering the highest quality, effective, safe and compliant CBD products to market in line with these regulations.

We are excited to move forward with our pioneering product range as a result of our validation, encouraging more and more people to turn to our thoughtful and effective products and reap the benefits of our optimum strength CBD guarantee.

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