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Harrod's beauty director Katie Service's new beauty normal

In September, we launched our first skincare range, exclusively with Harrods. And we were thrilled to see that Katie Service, Harrod’s Beauty Director, included our OTO CBD Oil Roll On at number one in her 'new beauty normal: how to spa at home…'

The new beauty normal

When I first heard the news that we would be spending the foreseeable future at home, I wasn’t too phased. I happen to like spending quite a lot of time in my bathroom, so the thought of having even more time in there than usual was not a particularly daunting prospect. “Bring on the extra bath time (and bath oils),” I said. “Bring on the face masks in the middle of the day, bring on the extravagant K-Beauty regimen – I’m turning my home into a spa for the next few months!”

But as the first few weeks passed and the reality of confinement kicked in, I found that keeping up with my routines (and creating some new ones) has become an essential part of staying sane.

Beauty, I believe is all about ritual – and those little pockets of habit and self-care will keep you calm and bring you joy at times when you might otherwise feel overwhelmed. At the same time, I have accepted that some routines don’t work in this ‘new normal’ and letting go of some beauty standards (no, I don’t need to tong every inch of my hair for a conference call or have a fresh coat of shellac every week) is perfectly OK. Here is my new beauty normal…

Aromatherapy is a big part of my life, I pick up little glass vials of essential oils from all over the world and now have quite a collection at home. This CBD, Camomile and Lavender infused rollerball from OTO is super easy to use, I roll over pulse points on my wrists at the end of a working day as it helps to transition my mind from office space to bed space so I don’t go to sleep buzzing.

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