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CBD Oils



Introducing Our Collection of CBD-Infused Dermatological Solutions

Presenting a decadent and indulgent approach to self-care, our array of CBD-focused skincare solutions have been meticulously crafted to provide natural protection and rejuvenation to your skin. Enriched with time-honoured Ayurvedic botanicals and essential oils, these products not only soothe and restore your skin's vitality but also transform your daily skincare routine into a serene and calming ritual to anticipate and cherish.

Is CBD Beneficial for the Skin?

Our CBD-infused skincare formulations are sebostatic in nature, implying they work harmoniously with your skin to balance its natural oils. This balance aids in maintaining an optimal level of skin hydration, mitigating the risk of developing dry and brittle skin.

CBD has the remarkable ability to create a bond with harmful free radicals, thereby neutralising their potential damage and maintaining your complexion youthful and vibrant. Skincare formulations offer the ideal medium for CBD's delivery - the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin are primed to absorb the CBD, creating a holistic effect that promotes skin regeneration. Whether you choose to incorporate CBD into one or several stages of your skincare routine, OTO skincare products promise to infuse a touch of opulence into your daily regimen.

Discover Our CBD-Infused Dermatological Selection

Our CBD skincare collection is formulated with an intention to nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling luxuriously soft and fully moisturised.

Our Exfoliating Cleansing Jam works gently but effectively to unclog pores and purify the skin, leaving it feeling supple and silky smooth. Enriched with hemp seed oil and holy basil oil, it is designed to stimulate skin renewal.

Our Revitalising CBD Serum works tirelessly to breathe new life into tired skin, restoring its natural glow and vibrancy.

For an indulgent and sensual experience that truly pampers your skin, our CBD Bath and Body Oil is carefully crafted with a silky medley of natural oils and hemp-infused botanicals. This expertly formulated product works synergistically to instil a soothing tranquility, enriching your bathing routine with an added layer of luxury and calm.

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